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Mondeo Asparagus

Mondeo asparagus is a true thoroughbred male variety. Bred in Northern Germany, Mondeo is adaptable to production as both green and white asparagus on a range of soil types. It is now established as a proven cultivar in a number of growing environments, including the UK where it is used for green asparagus production.

Production and Seasonality

Mondeo asparagus is high yielding and emerges early in the harvesting season before the UK control variety. The graph below shows the production curve.

The picture below demonstrates the earliness of Mondeo in comparison to the control variety.

Spear Quality and Longevity

Mondeo asparagus produces high quality spears with closed tips. It has a strong asparagus flavour which is derived from its breeding stock. As a result, it is not uncommon to eat Mondeo asparagus spears raw. The Mondeo variety has shown excellent persistence in variety trials. A table showing quality and longevity can be seen below.

How to Grow Mondeo Asparagus

In tests at the Hargreaves Plants trial site, Mondeo asparagus has performed well when planted at the equivalent of 25000 crowns per hectare. The crown depth in the trial is 15cm at the time of harvest. However much of the commercial growing of Mondeo is carried out at 30000 crowns per hectare.

Mondeo Asparagus Flavour

Hargreaves Plants has put the Mondeo asparagus variety through independent flavor analysis. This work was carried out by Dr Hazel MacTavish-West, who commented: “We assessed the flavor of both varieties (raw and cooked). Cv Mondeo had a more intense flavor (scoring 4/5 on intensity) compared with Gijnlim (2/5) with notes of asparagus and green beans. Gijnlim had more bitter notes to the flavor. When cooked, Mondeo was still preferred.

British Asparagus Crowns

Hargreaves Plants produces its asparagus crowns on the deep sand lands of West Norfolk in the UK. The company is careful to only use virgin soils to minimise the risks of disease and virus transfer. At asparagus crown harvesting time, the nursery keeps to a minimum the time period from lifting to despatch to provide growers with the freshest possible plant material.

a fieldBritish Crowns

Mondeo Asparagus Technical Brochure

The Mondeo Asparagus Technical Brochure can be downloaded from the following link.

4th International Asparagus Cultivar Trial

Hargreaves Plants is proud to be one of the ten worldwide hosts for the latest International Asparagus Cultivar Trials. In total, 27 varieties and selections are being tested, including Early California.

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